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Erectile dysfunction medications are all over the place these days. You see ads in magazines, on TV and get tons of spam in your inbox. Such an aggressive advertising strategy makes most people believe that these drugs are actual remedies for any type of sexual problems in men, and buy them without even knowing what these medications are used for.

And once they get these drugs and start using them, a lot of men discover that they aren’t getting the effects they were promised with. This leads to a lot of frustration and criticism towards popular ED meds you get to hear a lot online. But all it takes in the first place is actually learning how to use erectile dysfunction medications right.

First of all you’ll have to make sure that you actually need the drug. A lot of men have occasional problems with erection which they mistake for impotence. There’s nothing tragic about having weak erection from time to time as it’s normal in any age.

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A real cause for concern is when 1 in 4 attempts of having an erection fail for a long period of time (couple of months). That’s when the condition can be called erectile dysfunction and requires actual medical attention.

Next stop is identifying the actual cause behind the problem. This is best done with the help of a doctor.

Sure, some men tend to get very defensive when it comes to discussing their sexual problems with someone else but keep in mind that your doctor is a professional and only he can help you find out the actual cause behind ED and choose the right treatment. Once you go through all the exams and checks, and have the results on your hands it’ll be much easier to choose the exact treatment option for your case.

Next stop – taking the drug. The effectiveness of Bluechew, Viagra, Cialis and other similar drugs heavily relies on the way you take them. Unlike most other prescription medications you don’t have to take ED drugs on a regular basis every time each day. These drugs are meant to be used only when you want to enjoy sexual activity.

Take them according to the prescribed dosage in about 15-30 minutes before engaging into a sexual act and you will experience hard and durable erection for as long as you need to complete it.

It is strongly advised to avoid taking alcohol or any recreational drugs in order to avoid any side effects or drug interactions.

A heavy fatty meal will also block some of the ingredients to be absorbed properly so don’t get too active with the fork if you’re looking forward to have sex. By following these simple guidelines you will certainly benefit from taking erectile dysfunction medications. That is, if you really want to use them in the first place.

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