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Promescent is an FDA compliant delay spray that is well known for treating premature ejaculation. This spray is usually recommended by doctors and urologists in the US. This product contains a unique mixture of ingredients that enable the fast absorption of lidocaine through the penile skin.

Here’s our full Promescent review to help you make an informed decision and answer the ultimate question: Is Promescent Delay Spray worth it?

What is Promescent Delay Spray?

Promescent is a lidocaine delay spray developed by Dr. Ronald Gilbert, a Californian urologist. Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic that numbs tissues in a specific area. Men who want to last longer in bed can apply Promescent on their penis (head and shaft) 5 to 10 minutes before sex. The lidocaine will desensitize some of the penile nerves ending. By doing so, men gain a better ejaculation control and can delay their orgasm.

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What sets Promescent apart other lidocaine sprays is its TargetZone™ technology. Where other numbing sprays use crystalline lidocaine, Promescent uses an oil-aqueous form. The skin can’t fully absorb solid lidocaine. So, other delay sprays active ingredient will stick on the first layer of your epidermis. It’s the reason why other solutions give you a numb sensation. However, aqueous lidocaine can penetrate your skin. So, Promescent will affect only the nerves responsible for triggering the ejaculation signal. You can then benefit from its delay effect without numbing all your penis sensation.


What are Promescent Ingredients?

Promescent Active Ingredients

Promescent only active ingredient is lidocaine. Each spray of Promescent contains around 10mg of lidocaine.

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. When applied to the skin or mucous membrane, it can numb tissues in a specific area. Lidocaine blocks local neurons signal to the brain. It’s sometimes used as a topical agent to stop itching or pain caused by certain skin conditions. For the same reason, it’s also used as local anesthesia for some medical procedures. For example, dentists often use lidocaine to desensitize patients.

In Promescent case, lidocaine blocks the penile nerve from triggering the ejaculation.

All other over-the-counter delay sprays use the basic solid lidocaine structure.

Promescent Inactive Ingredients

The Promescent formula also contains several non-active ingredients. For a complete list of Promescent inactive ingredient, please refer to the product packaging.

What Makes Promescent Different?

There are many male enhancement supplements, delay sprays, and other products. What makes Promescent delay spray different from many of them is its original purpose and design.

Namely, Promescent delay spray was specifically created with the purpose of helping men that have troubles with premature ejaculation. Its quick absorption through the skin, in turn, gives men quick and effective results when they are needed the most!

10 minutes is all that it takes! After that, the men that use Promescent delay spray will be able to last longer in bed. Many products have similar effects, but what makes Promescent delay spray special, is the quickness, the effectiveness, and the results! It works very fast. The unique formula is very effective when it comes to absorption of ingredients through the skin. And last, the results that men can achieve in such a short period of time are great!

It is important to note that because of the unique formula of Promescent, there is no transfer to the partner due to the quick rate at which it dries. You do not need a prescription to buy this delay spray. And if one application is not enough for you, you can apply more and look for the optimal dosage for yourself. But be wary that too much can make your penis too numb, and that’s not something that anyone wants.

Benefits of Promescent Delay Spray

  • Helps men with premature ejaculation.
  • Promescent gets absorbed through the skin quickly!
  • Allows men to last longer.
  • In some cases, Promescent can amplify the orgasm.
  • It is backed by clinical evidence.

Drawbacks of Promescent Delay Spray

Well, it is essentially an anesthetic. So if you use too much of it you can numb your penis to a point where you feel nothing.

How To Use Promescent Delay Spray

Using this spray isn’t just spritz and go, there’s a bit of preparation needed. I’ll state right off the bat that you need to begin the application process at least 10 minute before you actually start to have sex. This is a great opportunity to bring foreplay back into your sex life.

To use Promescent, simply do the following:

  1. Spray Promescent onto the underside of the glans & shaft (you can be flaccid or erect, it doesn’t matter). It’s recommended that you start off with 2 or 3 sprays your first time, and work your way up as needed. According to the company, you should never use more than 10. How much you need will be up to you to figure out through trial and error, but three should work more than fine.
  2. Rub the spray into the area in a small, circular motion. Massage your penis and make circles about the size of your fingerprint so that the spray can absorb deep into the nerve endings found on the penis. I find it easiest to apply it by essentially jerking myself off to rub it in everywhere.
  3. Once you’ve applied Promescent, wait 5-10 minutes for the spray to do it’s thing and then you’re ready to go.

About Side-effects of Promescent

There are no side-effects that stem from Promescent delay spray. And usually, this is true for both partners. Promescent delay spray is effective, but it does not take away too much of your sensitivity which would defeat the purpose of having sex.

Important to note is that the dosage of this delay spray is not the same for all men. This is something that you should try out yourself to see what gives you the optimal results. But too much is never a good thing. It can strip away the sensitivity too much and then you can’t feel a thing.

Some Warnings:

  • This delay spray should be used only externally.
  • If you have a Lidocaine allergy, Promescent is not for you.
  • If your partner is pregnant, talk to a doctor or a pharmacist.
  • Avoid contact with wounds or cuts on the skin and with the eyes.

These warnings should be self-evident, but it is best to mention them quickly.

Where To Buy Promescent?

The product is available on Amazon but it is best to purchase from their official website to make sure you are getting a genuine bottle.


There are a couple different sizes of bottles to choose from which both have different prices depending on your budget. You can start off with the little bottle if you’re a little skeptical. The little bottle will give you enough tries to get a feel for it.


Delay Spray
Designed with a metered dose that can be used 10 to 60 times.From $19.95 to $59.95

Home And Away
Includes one trial size and a standard spray.$73.95

The Threesome
Includes three standard-size sprays.$159.95

Never Without
Includes three trial size sprays.$46.95

The Six Pack
Includes three standard-size and three trial-size bottles.$189.95

Their website has a dedicated customer support who can assist you in using the product properly, or help you with other concerns regarding your order.

Pros and Cons of Promescent Delay Spray

The Pros

  • This delay spray is approved by the FDA. So the safety standards that come from the FDA have been upheld. And this is always a great thing when you are buying something for your health.
  • It was clinically tested, and the results have shown that this delay spray is safe and effective.
  • This delay spray works time after time.
  • There is no transference of residue to the partner because it dries off quickly and you can wipe Promescent off, soon after the application.
  • The bottle of the delay spray is designed very well. It squirts out the same dose every time that you use it. This helps a lot once you find the right amount for you.
  • This delay spray can be used at any time, pretty much anywhere.
  • The effects are quick.
  • You don’t need a prescription.

The Cons

  • This delay spray is not a cure and it should be applied each time before sex.
  • Too much and you’ll be sorry. The right amount of this delay spray is key for its success. This differs from person to person but you can test it out before the real deal and make sure you know how much works for you!
  • The price might be too much for some. This depends on how much squirts you use per sexual encounter. If you use only 1 or 2 squirts it won’t be too much. But let’s say you need 4 squirts. That doubles the money this delay spray will cost you.


Promescent delay spray has helped a lot of men around the world. People that were able to last from a minute to 5 before, were able to last 10 to 20 minutes after trying Promescent delay spray. There are no significant side-effects and most of the side-effects come from applying too much of the delay spray.

Even though it will lower your sensitivity so that you can last longer, it will not strip you completely of all sensations. This way sex is still quite an enjoyable activity. The application of the delay spray is very simple and the effects are quick!

Promescent is not a permanent solution, but when you compare it to other temporary solutions out there, Promescent delay spray is one of the best. It might be a bit more expensive, but we believe that some things in life are more important than money. And when you are buying something that is health related, you should get the best!


Frequently Asked Questions about Promescent

Who manufactures Promescent?
Promescent is Absorption Pharmaceutical LLC’s unique product. Absorption Pharmaceutical is a Las Vegas-based company founded by urologist Dr. Ronald Gilbert.
Is Promescent FDA compliant?
Yes, Promescent is FDA compliant.
Does Promescent Cause Any Side-Effects?
The most common one is a temporary numbing. It usually happens because the dosage applied was too much. This means a temporary loss of an erection and sensitivity. In some cases, it might lead to a burning sensation, skin irritation or redness of the skin, but rarely.
How Should I Use Promescent Delay Spray?
It is fairly simple. Apply Promescent to the penis 10 minutes prior to sex. You can wipe it off after the 10 minutes, but it is not completely necessary.
Should I Take It With Food?
Yes. This delay spray is not intended for oral use so food is not an issue. You can eat whatever you want.
Is Promescent Oral Sex Safe?

Promescent is the only delay product that is fully absorbed by the skin.

However, there are more chances to accidentally numb your partner with oral contact. So, before you engage in oral sex, you have to respect the 10 minutes waiting period. You should also use a damp cloth on your sex before oral sex. It will reduce the partner numbing risk and remove any unpleasant smell and taste.

How Long Does The Effect Last?
This depends on the dosage and sensitivity. But usually, the effect lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.
Does It Work All Men?
No. Some problems are too complicated for delay sprays to fix. And it should be used by adults only.
What Precautions Should I Take Before Using Promescent?
Follow the instructions. If you do that, there will be no reasons to worry. Promescent delay spray was designed by urologists, so you should listen to their instructions.

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