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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment ED Causes

Although it can be embarrassing to discuss erectile dysfunction (ED) with your physician seeking help is worth the effort. Some causes of impotence stem from underlying health conditions such as heart disease and require a doctor’s care. It is important to take this problem seriously and speak with your doctor.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean that you are less of a man or that you must resign yourself to a living with impotence problems. Males in their teens and of any age could develop erectile dysfunction. ED can be seen in many forms from inability to perform or complete the sex act to premature ejaculation.

There are many ways to treat impotence today. A physician can prescribe treatments ranging from ED pills to surgery and also search for underlying health issues. It is possible that a medication you are presently taking is causing the problem and your doctor may be able to change your prescription. Alcohol and smoking can also add to erectile dysfunction.

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Other underlying conditions that could manifest themselves in the form of impotence are: prostate cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, clogged blood vessels, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis to name a few. Doctors once believed that erectile dysfunction had a rooted cause in psychological issues but have now come to realize the psychological issues are more commonly the effect and not the cause.

Not every ED cure stems from physical health issues. Stress and relationship problems can also inhibit the ability to perform. While rare occurrences of impotence are not a sign of ED, worry and not understanding can create more stress and complete the cycle. If a man is only having problems with impotence or premature ejaculation on rare occasions, it should not be associated with ED and the partner should not think and act on the belief that the caring side of the relationship is past or that it is the end of their world. Worry will only add to the problem and can also destroy the relationship, so the partner must become involved to treat impotence.

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