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Testosterone ED Causes

Sometimes male hormones get out of balance. One of these hormones is testosterone and this imbalance can lead to erectile dysfunction. Your doctor can check your testosterone levels to determine if an impotence medication containing testosterone may be necessary.

Testosterone supplements enhance your sexual performance and can be the cure for some types of male impotence. Testosterone supplements can increase male sex drive and boost energy. Male testosterone is produced in the testicles. One of the natural supplements used to raise testosterone levels without side effects is Provacyl.

Secretion of testosterone begins during puberty to trigger increased lean muscle mass, sex organ development, bone formation and higher energy levels and peaks in the mid-twenties.

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As a man ages the amount of testosterone production decreases and the possibility of male impotence becomes greater. By the time a male reaches age sixty, he will have lost almost 50% of his testosterone. Other factors such as stress, lack of sleep, taking prescription medicines, drinking and smoking can lower testosterone levels drastically.

To increase male sex drive and libido, a man needs to raise his testosterone level. By supplementing his testosterone level with an impotence medication a man may naturally restore his sexual vigor and desire.

Another erectile dysfunction is low semen production. A man suffering from low semen volume may need a volume enhancer to raise the rate of production. Low semen count may be caused by poor nutrition, to much sexual activity, illness or many other reasons.

Volume enhancement pills can have a greatly increase the amount of semen that is ejaculated during climax. These semen volume enhancers increase the sperm count, raise male potency and fertility.

Excessive masturbation can also cause hormone imbalance by inhibiting the liver’s release of enzymes which aid in the production of hormones. Nervous functions from over arousal and stimulation cause the liver to slow its production of the needed enzymes.

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